About us

Babka is a small independent bakery between Tollcross and the Meadows.
With a particular interest in East European baking, we aim to provide good home baked food which is
healthy but unpretentious - including our famous beigels, sourdoughs, cakes, soups, and, of course
babka! We use organic products wherever possible and may have vegan and gluten free options available.
Everything is made fresh on site by a small team who really love baking!

We are happy to take orders for anything from our usual range, or to make something at your own suggestion - we just ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice.

Cookies and Cakes

For those desiring a sweet option, aside from our daily babka and cinnamon buns, cookies and cakes are prepared on a rotational basis; favourites include German baked cheesecake, chocolate-cranberry poppy seed cookies, and Polish bundt cake!

All handmade and freshly baked

All products are baked and made on site. Our breads comprise our famous beigels, white and seeded sourdoughs, dark and caraway rye sourdoughs and chollah! Others, like baguettes, olive bread and soda bread can be requested with notice.


Coffee – We are supplied with the good stuff by Throat Punch coffee, another local business in the west end of Edinburgh.

Iced drinks – We do both vitamins and caffeine - making our own lemonade, and our own coffees and teas

Our Bakery

At the heart of Tollcross, Babka is an informal place to buy your bakery goods, and to pick up a drink or snack on the way to work or to the Meadows.
Or we have a few tables if you are looking for a place to meet friends or have a quiet coffee or lunch.
We aim to be friendly to all our customers – i.e. there is a good chance we’ll have a bag of dog treats behind the counter!

We have local artist come to showcase their work on our walls, and Marginalian Books has been filling our shop bookcase with an unusual and interesting range of books for sale."

Our Menu and allergen guide

We pride ourselves on our menu and aim to offer you the best deals possible in terms of price. All items – loaves, drinks, pieces of cake, filled beigels – are in the range of £2 - 6;
plain beigels or cookies are even less. We also offer deals for popular combinations like coffee and cream cheese beigels.

We are constantly devising new filling combinations for our beigels, dreaming up new soups and
trying out different cakes.

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